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Running Rabbit Mills was formed in 2014 inspired by the locally grown, farm to table movement. We are located on the eastern side of beautiful Scott Valley in far northern California.  We have almost 25 acres of farm ground but plant only about 8 acres per season so we can focus on growing and harvesting quality wheat while leaving the remaining acreage fallow. We are not certified organic at this time however we are following organic guidelines using non GMO wheat grown with no herbicides or pesticides.  Our milling facility is approved by the California State Dept. of Public Health, Processed Food Registration No. 79177.   Our flour mill is an 8” stone burr type manufactured by Meadows Mills Inc.  Milling is done on order request so that the flour is as fresh as possible.

where to find us


We sell our flour in packaged quantities of 2.5 lbs., 5 lbs., or 25 lbs.  We also sell wheat berries on a limited basis and by request.  Our sales are direct to the customer.  Product pick up can be scheduled at time of order or delivered locally.  Shipping arrangements for out of the area can be made on request. 






our product can be found locally at ...

Nature's Kitchen - Yreka, CA

Farmhouse Bakery - Etna, CA

 Berryvale Grocery - Mt. Shasta, CA 

Ashland Food Coop, - Ashland, OR

  used by...


Farmhouse Bakery -  Etna, CA


Nature's Kitchen - Yreka, CA

and seasonally sold at ...

Etna Farmer's Market



Whole Wheat Flour  

2.5 lbs. -   $4.50

5.0 lbs. -   $8.00

  25 lbs.  -   $25.00

Wheat berries 

Great for home milling or sprouting or cooking similar to wild rice.

25 lbs. - $18.00

Sprouted wheat

Perfect wheat for baking. 

2.5 lbs. - $5.00

5.0 lbs. - $8.50

20.0 lbs. - $25.00

Harvest Run

Unprocessed and perfect for livestock.

50 lb. + bag  -  $13.00

Also sold by the ton in bags  -  $500.00 per ton

wholesale prices available for all options

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